London Algebraic Number Theory Study Group on Manin's Conjecture and Szemerédi Regularity, Spring 2023

Starting Arpil 28th, we meet Wednesdays from 14.00 until 15.30 in room S0.12 of the Strand Building, KCL, and online in Teams.


28-04Ming NgIntroduction Notes
03-05Sebastian MonnetEquidistribution & Peyre’s Constant Notes
10-05Rosa WinterManin’s Conjecture for del Pezzo SurfacesNotes
17-05Simon MyersonThe Circle Method and Cubic SurfacesNotes
24-05Peter JossenLocal Distribution of Rational PointsNotes and Pictures
31-05Alex BestSzemerédi Regularity & Roth’s TheoremNotes
07-06Alex MalekshahianGraphons & Regularity
21-06Ming NgWrap-up: Arithmetic Regularity, Stable Regularity + Test ProblemsNotes